Krispy Kreme donuts, snow cones and other freebies at O’Days.

It’s that time of the year gain when thousands of university students from around Perth gather for one day at their different campuses to gain new information, immerse into university life, try and meet new allies and collect as much freebies as possible like the unlimited and FREE Krispy Kreme donuts on offer at ECU Joondalups O’Day!!

Catholic Youth Ministry staff and volunteers attended two O’Days last February to assist the Catholic Chaplaincies with their efforts to promote their activities and vision for their chaplaincy.

Last 15th of February, CYM staff and volunteers wondered around the grounds of ECU Joondalup during their O’Day, engaging with students and other stall holders. They successfully gave out 50 cupcakes and signed over 20 students as potential members of the upcoming Catholic Chaplaincy on site.

On the same week, CYM staff  set up an elaborate stall and pop-up at University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, next to the Holy Spirit Chapel and Catholic Chaplaincy stall to promote the works and events by CYM and to support the community at Notre Dame. Cupcakes made by youth leader Theresa Beard were a hit with the students, and great conversations were made with future and current students of Notre Dame. CYM signed at least to 50 students for our future newsletter and notices.

Despite the high temperature and the unbearable humidity, it was once again a very successful O’Day 2016. We look forward to 2017 and the new encounters with students and most especially the exciting freebies on offer.