New Youth Leaders Implements Fresh Ideas

On Sunday the 12th of April after the usual 5pm Youth Mass at St Emilie’s Catholic Church, over 50 teens and young adults gathered for an evening of music, games, small group discussions and food.

With any fresh and new leadership team comes innovative perspectives and ideas, and that is what the youth team at Canning Vale Parish is offering to the youth and young adults of the community.

Youth Leader Matt Woodford and his team has delivered a new format to the youth gathering to encourage and foster a sense of community amongst the youth, which includes a pot luck dinner, share groups plus a dynamic praise and worship.

He was really pleased with how the evening turned out especially how the young people engaged with each other. He said, “I was overwhelmed with happiness seeing youth initiate friendships and bonding with one another; something I never see before and after mass services.”

Many of the young people who attended the event openly admitted that outside of these youth gatherings there’s no opportunity to meet or connect with other young people. Many expressed that the youth night had given them an opportunity to build relationship and increase the familiar faces that they encounter at church during mass.

Matt concluded, “After the night, I felt grateful and was humbled knowing that God is working through me within our youth ministry to meet the needs of the youth in our parish.”

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