Tav Talks – What are we created for?

Tav talk with a group of young people enjoying the event

By Tomas Kenny-Simpson

After hearing the phrase “Tav Talks” frequently thrown into the conversation amongst friends and peers, I thought it was high time I made my way to my first Tav Talks to see what it was all about. And what better time to go than to the first Tav Talks of the year! We were lucky enough to have Fr Mark Baumgarten, speaking with us on the purpose of life, and in particular on the question of ‘what are we created for?’

To begin with, we heard from philosopher Alain De Botton who said that as human beings we are fated for loneliness and that being lonely is an inexorable part of our complex existence. Fr Mark then shared from a Christian perspective how we are made with purpose and that being made in the image and likeness of God, we are made in the image of Love and the Trinity (i.e. an eternal relationship). We are therefore made not to be alone, but for relationship – destined to love the other and give oneself to the other.

Afterwards, we had an opportunity for Q&A where we discussed what this means for us in contemporary society. What a great opportunity it was to get together with friends/young people/students to discuss some of life’s greatest questions and the relevance of our faith… and all over a beverage or two!