Veritas 2017 Testimionies

Hear from participants at the youth festival – below are extracts about their experience at Veritas 2017.

I wanted God to take the wheel of my life.

“My experience at Veritas 2017 has helped me further explore my faith and relationship with God. Before attending this event, I had always been quite sceptical about my beliefs in God and didn’t exactly know why I went to mass every Sunday or participated in the various liturgies and formalities. Attending Veritas has helped me to see the amazing young community who are either in the same shoes as me or have overcome the situation and are now devoted members of the Church. It was refreshing and overwhelming to see such a large group of young people gathering together to practice their faith and their relationship with God, and that was what I wanted. I wanted to feel connected to God. I wanted to not feel so alone in my journey. I wanted God to take the wheel of my life.  I wanted God.” – Therese Nguyen, 21yo, Vietnamese Catholic Youth Ministry

 I was totally overwhelmed by God’s grace

“As a part of Ignite Youth, being involved in the preparation for Veritas still didn’t prepare me for how awesome the night was. And I don’t mean awesome in the ‘that was rad’ sense, I mean awesome, as in ‘I was totally overwhelmed by God’s grace’. It was a humbling experience to be in a room of over 500 young people who shared a love for God and the Holy Spirit. In particular, Fr Rob Galea’s message stood out to me – in this massive universe, although we are so insignificant, the Lord still loves us so much that He found a way to take a human form and come down to Earth to be with us.” – Giorgia Vecchio, Ignite Youth

  We open ourselves up to truly listen to him

“The Veritas Youth Festival was an incredible experience. I was able to meet so many other young Catholics and together learn more about our faith. The speakers were all so amazing and deeply inspiring. The highlight for me would have to be the Saturday night Adoration, there is something remarkable about coming together with so many young people with the under the visible sign of Christ’s love for us. In this fast paced world we often don’t take the time to sit in silence in the presence of God but in doing this we open ourselves up to truly listen to him and his plan for each of our lives.” – Brydon Ring, Thornlie Youth

 Great to see the local church fully alive and joyful

“During the ‘Mighty Fest’ expo night, it was fantastic to see all the different youth ministries getting together to showcase their particular charisms! From our table in the middle of the room we could see the energy and excitement of many up and coming youth leaders. It was great to see the local church fully alive and joyful as we celebrated as a family. Looking forward to many more Veritas conferences to come!” – Kieran Chew, TavTalks

 And keep finding out more about our faith

“The Saturday workshops were held on many interesting topics by fantastic speakers. It was truly a shame that I could not be in more than one place at a time as there was so many insightful lessons to learn to help me understand and appreciate my journey with Christ. I cannot wait to read through what I have learnt and keep finding out more about our faith.” – Deborah Pan, TavTalks

Wonderful opportunity to meet new friends

“Veritas is a brilliant weekend jam-packed with performances, guest speakers, discussions and joy. It was centred around helping young adults and teens engage with faith and connect with other like-minded individuals. This weekend was filled with great performances, guest speakers, discussions and dancing. No matter what level of faith you engage in, it is always a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and have a blast”. Esther Power, TavTalks