Welcome aboard, Matt and Adeline!

Matt and Adeline CYM

We’ve looked and searched everywhere and we’ve finally found them! Meet the newest addition to the CYM team, Matt and Adeline.  Both have a strong passion towards youth ministry. We are truly grateful for such amazing young people joining our team!

Matthew Lim

Together with years of experience in commerce and working in the corporate world, Matt has also been heavily involved in both working and volunteering in youth ministry. With several years spent living and working in Japan as an English teacher, the relational aspect of youth ministry is certainly one of his strong points. In addition to being a muso and having a keen interest in aviation, Matt’s special talent lies in photography, having pursued and developed his passion for it from a young age. He seeks to make a difference in the world, particularly among young people, and by walking with them hopes to glorify God through what he does.




Adeline Bock

Armed with 5 years of hands-on volunteer experience in parish-based youth ministry work while working in the corporate world, Adeline is well versed to support youths in various ways. She has worked with youths & the wider church communities and is highly adaptable and effective communicator in promoting initiatives within the catholic community. With strong interest in leading young people to Christ, Adeline is very enthusiastic about being the Year-of-youth project worker.  Adeline also has great passion for helping young people integrate faith and fitness. Trained as a fitness instructor and youth leader, Adeline draws from the best practices in fitness and youth ministry to equip individual with skills to connect their body, minds and souls in prayer.