Why We’re Pro-Life

Photo above from LifeChoice Australia

Abortion. A single word that divides nations. It is a topic that is now seeing truth labelled as ‘hate speech’.

Despite the controversial nature of this issue, passionate pro-life university students from the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, have decided to initiate a pro-life club that aims to raise money and awareness for local pregnancy support centres and create discussion on this controversial issue.

These Notre Dame students are branching off the well-established, student-run, pro-life club, LifeChoice, which is established in five of the major universities across Sydney, and is currently branching out to Brisbane, Melbourne, and now Perth.

The students are currently in the process of making LifeChoice Notre Dame Fremantle an affiliated club at the university, which has sparked an interest from university students at Curtin, Murdoch and UWA.

LifeChoice aims to promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, through rational and informed discussions, and by organising educational events which provide a fun, safe and social environment in which conversations are formed around these issues.

On the 10th October, LifeChoice Notre Dame Fremantle hosted Trent Horn, a pro-life advocate and Catholic apologist. He presented an engaging talk and a Q&A session on the topic of abortion.

Photo from Evangelisation Australia 

The event invited and welcomed all people, regardless of their stance on abortion.

People of all ethnicities, ages, religious and political backgrounds filled the lecture theatre, united in a discussion on the topic of abortion.

Although rumours circulated the campus that Mr Horn argued the pro-life stance from a religious viewpoint, this has been discredited by the recording of the event which proves he only engaged in the scientific and philosophical viewpoints of the pro-life stance.

One pro-choice attendee later remarked, “I’m still pro-choice, but I’m really glad I got to hear the pro-life side of the debate”.

LifeChoice is a rapidly growing movement across Australia, who have a fundamental commitment to building the new pro-life generation, starting on our university campuses.

If you’re interested in joining or starting a pro-life club at your university, learning more about us, or donating to our efforts, please contact LifeChoice Perth at LifeChoicePerth@gmail.com.