A Successful Mission to Kalgoorlie-Boulder

“Run, jump, have all the fun you want at the right time, but for heaven’s sake do not commit sin!”

That was the theme of Catholic Youth Ministry’s six day mission trip that ran from the 15th to 21st of September, seeing them engage with about 150 young people in the region.

A team of seven youn14689931_318047185218970_681502951_og men and women from Perth travelled over 6 hours by car to reach their destination of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to conduct youth activities in both the local Parish and school.

Luke Bogoni, Montana McCann, Jet Guintu, Isabel Reyes and Joey Alexander all made the trip up; along with CYM staff members Matthew Tloczek and Vincent Haber.

The few days of mission began with a Boys and Girls Forum, followed by an intimate overnight youth retreat which included camping under the stars and a moving ‘Mercy Day’ for 90 Year 7 students from John Paul College in Kalgoorlie.

All talks and sessions were conducted by the team, exhausting their knowledge of the Gospel and Catholic teachings together with their experience in youth ministry.

Mission volunteer Joey Alexander described it as an amazing experience to witness the youth open their hearts to Christ and be inspired to really seek out the  ‘journey with God’.

A fond memory of his trip came during the retreat while Luke presented a talk which had the quote from St John Bosco, “Run, jump, have all the fun you want at the right time, but for heaven’s sake do not commit sin!”

“A few of the young people laughed in response to this, knowing that even we are encouraged to play and enjoy life as it is,” he said. 14618891_318047338552288_1630754861_o

“As long as we are not committing sin,” he added.

Youth ministry is truly alive in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder region with a regular youth group and the support of Assistant Parish Priest, Father Mark Payton.

The young people of Kalgoorlie-Boulder are now hoping and excited to re-connect with the mission team this December for the Embrace the Grace youth conference, which will be hosted at beautiful New Norcia from the 7th to 11th of December.

For more information about youth ministry in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, please contact Fr Mark Payton on 08 9021 2325


By Vincent Haber