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August 6, 2020
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Adeline’s Farewell

Adeline’s Farewell

Last Wednesday at CYM’s weekly Holy Hour, the staff and some young people prayed for Adeline Bock as her role as Director of CYM concludes. It was followed by a casual gathering at the Queens where the young people had the opportunity to spend some time with Ms Bock over dinner and drinks.

Joining the team in 2017

In 2017, Ms Bock left her corporate accounting career and joined the CYM team as the Year of Youth Project Officer. She was a crucial figure in spearheading the promotion of Year of Youth by developing & implementing strategies for connecting young people to Church communities in parishes and schools.  Subsequently, in 2019, Adeline chaired the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) Local Engagement committee which consisted of religious, principals, teachers and young people. It is a working committee set up to implement strategies to effectively promote ACYF in parishes, schools and communities.


Leading youth ministry during iso

In 2020, Adeline progressed to the position of Director where she was responsible for guiding seven staff and supporting them through COVID. She oversaw the first online conference for young adult and continued the close working relationship with CEWA, parishes, schools and communities. Ms Bock is an active parishioner in Santa Clara Bentley and is part of the youth ministry team together with her husband Alwin.

A real gift

Thank you, Adeline, for leading us for the past eight months. With all the things that happened in Australia and around the world, your strong leadership and prudent actions helped the team navigate in these challenging times. You are a real gift in the youth ministry.


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