An Afternoon to Learn and Reflect

Cloverdale Parish Young Adults Group

Young Adults from Notre Dame Parish, Cloverdale gathered last 8th of March for a Lenten Reflection as part of their preparation for the season of Lent.

Close to 20 young adults gathered at the Parish Hall of Notre Dame where they witnessed an inspirational and empowering talk given by Gerald Hoe, a practicing lawyer and faithful evangelist.

Gerald shared the reasons why Lent is an important part of the Catholic Faith and gave some helpful tips to survive the season of fasting and taking something up.

The afternoon concluded with a small group discussion giving the participants the  opportunity to share about the things they have learnt through Gerald’s talk and things that they have given up or taken up during lent.

Anthony, one of the Parish youth leaders had this to say about the Lenten Reflection:

“The Lenten reflection was a great exercise to learn and reflect on the past you, the current you , and the future you. Usually throughout the year, we are caught up by our daily activities and rarely stop and think of the “direction” of where we are heading. This Lenten event encourages us to stop and reflect on the path that we walked, and allows us to make changes in our direction if we are diverging from “the right path”, and that path that some of us forget, is the one that Jesus walked with and for us.

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