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March 30, 2017
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April 20, 2017

Amazing Race ‘Lifted High’ Edition

Amazing Race 2017

by Edwin Jestin

Last April 9, ‘Lifted High Youth’ (an initiative of Kwinana, Rockingham & Port Kennedy Parishes combined) hosted their first ever Amazing Race. It  was a remarkable success, thanks to the amazing participants and the organisers Cayla Peter and Edwin Jestin. Fun, teamwork and adventure were the theme for the whole event. The event was a great reminder that when faced with difficult situations both big or small, our friends are there to help us through and sometimes, allow us to have a little fun along the way. The event concluded with a BBQ, which allowed a lot of young people to get know each other and meet new people from different parishes. ‘Lifted High’ hopes to plan similar events in the future; allowing more young people to be connected and have fun while exploring our faith.

“The amazing race was a great experience that brought out the competitive side in me and many others. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet new people but I also got to work in a team to help solve the race’s obstacles and of course, run around like crazy alongside my team mates.” – Krisina Bautista

“The amazing race was pretty fun. It was so fast pace and it really gripped you to think quickly and be on the lookout for hidden objects.” Therese Bautista

“The activities were well thought of. Eddy and Cayla did an amazing job organising it.” – Pia Barrera.

Photo Credit: Pia Barerra 

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Catholic Youth Ministry
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