An Unforgettable Youth Camp

by Sophie Hellemans.

I am from Lesmurdie Youth Group and in January together with all of my youth mates, spent three days at Eagle’s Nest Gidgegannup for our yearly camp.

This year’s camp theme was “Survivor.” On the first day after the expected welcomes, safety briefings and officially opening our camp with a mass, we still had to compete in small competitions between the four teams for ingredients to be able to make our lunch the next day. Some of these included pool races, running races, mini challenges and shelter building. That night we also played a fearsome game of zombies where only a few were left unaffected of the plague started by a lone zombie. It was then time to retire after what was an amazing and energetic first day.

The second day was an early one with a wakeup call of 4:30 AM. As you can imagine the reaction of 22 teenagers on this early morning wakeup call was grudgingly accepted. However, the sunrise was on its way and it was a rush to the lookout two kilometres away to w


atch as the sun rose over the beautiful scenery that surrounds this amazing campsite.

After some physically enduring morning

wake up exercises that were grudgingly participated in by us teenagers, we had the 2 kilometre hike back to a waiting breakfast to fill our stomachs. Then it was continued games to win those important ingredients and time to

cook our lunches.

Lunch turned out to be pizza and

for the blue team with no pizza sauce because of a lost challenge. The lunch certainly was one never to be repeated. For some of the teams there was a lack of ingredients, but overall the food was enjoyed thoroughly. After lunch, there was plenty of free time to chill out amongst our friends and enjoy all that the camp had to offer, with the pool as one of the main attractions.

That evening was movie night, and after much deliberation and choosing, we all settled on “The Princess Bride”.  This turned out to be a lovely film for the girls and a less enjoyed but accepted film for the boys. The last day of

camp was also very enjoyable, but still a relaxing one, with the pool, playing Irish snap and chatting with the friends. One of the highlights would have to have been the water balloon volleyball, which ended up in a full water fight and me being singled out at the end to receive a drenching balloon to the back.

Home time was hard, as we watched all of our friends leave and said goodbye to another brilliantly planned and executed camp of Lesmurdie Youth Group.



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