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October 24, 2017
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Apologist Makes No Apologies

By James Rodgers

Apologist and speaker, Trent Horn made no apologies for being Catholic during his visit to Perth for the “Why Be Catholic” conference earlier this month.  As a part of this conference, the Catholic Answers apologist spoke to the youth about tackling tough moral issues at the St Peter the Apostle Church in Bedford.  A convert to the Catholic faith, Horn shared his unique style of graciously defending the faith with sound arguments and persuasive communication techniques.

When discussing tough moral issues, he explained that we should provide examples based on “natural law” and not from the Bible. In defining natural law Horn said, “There are certain things you just know, deep down [in your heart], even if you’ve never opened a Bible.” Throughout his presentation, he highlighted that it was important to start with finding common ground in the basic principles of morality so that the other person could understand whether they are religious or not. For instance, he recommended using questions like, “Wouldn’t you agree that all people should be treated equally and with dignity and respect?”

Further to this technique Horn also spoke about rephrasing or reframing the question to focus on the crux of the issue. Drawing upon an experience from a televised debate on Euthanasia, he was asked: “Why don’t you think people should have death with dignity?” In reply he reframed the question saying, “I firmly believe that all people should be treated with dignity when they die but giving people poisons to help kill themselves, that actually violates their dignity and here’s why…”

The Church was packed with eager people wanting to hear tips from the internationally renowned apologist. Many also stayed afterwards to meet him and express their gratitude.

In typical 21st century style, Trent Horn took to Twitter writing, “I’m so glad I got to speak in Perth” and “I hope to return in the future!”

About the author

James Rodgers is a journalist and media producer. He has worked with West TV, Seven West Media and is now the business owner of JRR Media.

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