Silence: Staff Reflection
June 9, 2020
Quarantine and the Cross (Thumbnail & Text)
Quarantine and the Cross
June 24, 2020

Archdiocese of Perth Youth Group Covid Guidelines for Phase 3

Archdiocese of Perth Youth Group Covid Guidelines for Phase 3, starting 6th June 2020” 

On Saturday 6th June 2020, Western Australia had commenced Phase 3 of a four-phase roadmap. The WA COVID-19 roadmap can be accessed at

Our Archbishop Timothy Costelloe had subsequently also released a revised series of directives, which you can access at

Our office, Catholic Youth Ministry Perth, is committed to adhering to the directives issued. Under the current restriction, it is possible for youth groups to gather provided that the safety guidelines are followed. We understand that this can be an overwhelming time and we would like to help you in getting started! We have summarised and come up with a simple to-do list for you to follow. Please note that these guidelines are our suggestions and we would recommend that you consult with your parish priest before implementing it in your youth groups.

Please see the attached:

  1. To-do list for Youth groups to get started
  2. COVID Safety Guidelines Phase 3we recommend all youth leaders & volunteers to read through and implement the suggested guidelines in this document
  3. COVID-19 Safety Plan Phase 3 Generic (TO BE COMPLETED)this document will need to be completed before youth groups can resume
  4. COVID-19 Safety plan Phase 3 – Generic Sample for youth groupsThis document is our suggested list of items to consider – feel free to fill in those applicable to you & adjust if need be
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