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Bingo Night at Bateman Parish

Giving back to the parish

On Friday 4th December, the young adults of Bateman parish organised a bingo night.

The event was inspired by our desire to give back and build relationship with the wider parish community, especially the seniors of the parish.

The youth leaders at Bateman did an amazing work in planning the bingo night over the span of a couple of months. We wanted this to be a success and a learning experience for all of us because it is the first event we have hosted for the parish community this year.

As one of the Youth Coordinator in the parish, along with James, we weren’t sure what to expect; there were both nervousness and excitement as the day came closer.

Before we knew it, there was only hours till it would start. As our doors opened, we all fell into the groove of the event, and we gave it our best to ensure that our guests enjoyed themselves.

Bingo event running in St. Thomas More Bateman parish hall

Smiles, laughter, comradery!

It was nice to see everybody participating in each bingo round, and showing a good sport when it came to winning. The most rewarding aspect of the night would be to see parishioners looking absolutely delighted in playing, while also building comradery amongst each other.

Bateman parishioners enjoying the night

By the end of the event, everyone who attended cheered and had the biggest grins on their faces, something that was heart-warming to see. It gave the youth leaders the confidence that this night went well.

As people left, many thanked us for the fun night and even asked if we would host another next year. The feedback and positive response helped us to understand and feel proud of our achievement that evening.

Organising, coordinating and preparing for the event was challenging, but at the end of the day, we had fun giving back to the parish community for the support they have given to the youth.

This would be the first and definitely not the last fun event that the young adults of Bateman would be hosting.

By Claire-Ann Ma,
St Thomas More Bateman Parish youth leader

Bateman youth’s Rachel & Clarence as game hosts

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