Biggest Night on Record for Ignite Live Perth

The latest Ignite Live event held at Chisholm Catholic College on Friday the 2nd of September saw the biggest night on record, with over 250 young people in attendance.


Archbishop Tim Costelloe was the guest speaker.

This special evening was also the official reunion for all the World Youth Day pilgrims from Perth who returned home at the start of the month.

In addition to the much loved sumo suit wrestling, cheeseburgers and heart pumping music, this memorable Ignite Live night had World Youth Day pilgrims leading the crowd in singing and dancing with dance moves picked up from their experience in Krakow in July.

The event also heard Anna Watt, one of the pilgrims who journeyed together with Catholic Youth Ministry Perth to Poland for World Youth Day, give a testimony on her own faith journey, calling for those in the crowd to do something with their faith and to own it for themselves.

There was also a special appearance on the night by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, speaking to those in attendance about living the beatitudes in everyday life, challenging those at the event to think about their lives and what it means to be Catholic.

“Sometimes a lot of young people and  seem to think that being a Catholic, is all about having your freedom taken away from you or limited by all sorts of rules, regulations and Church laws,” he said.

Young people during Praise and Worship

Young people during Praise and Worship

Archbishop Costelloe spoke about seeking out and growing in understanding of the faith, while also encouraging the young people to keep asking themselves the question of what kind of person they wanted to become and how they would achieve it, relating to the story from the Gospels of the rich young man and asking them to think about what they had to let go of that may be restricting their freedom of really following in the footsteps of Christ.

“I want to say that a deep, genuine and solid faith isn’t something that limits a person’s freedom, but actually something that sets us free from all things that are stopping you from living your life to its fullest. Sometimes the Church isn’t always good at getting that message across and at times we aren’t always open to that message, but that is really what the Church, Christianity and Jesus are all about,” he said.

Finally, he called on the young people to take courage and heart in making the next step to growing in faith and trust in God.

“God stands ready to journey with us and support us. God is ready to help us. All we have to do is ask, and trust that He will answer,” he said.

Written by Josh Low