Bold plan for youth at Floreat & Wembley Parish

Bold plan for youth at Floreat & Wembley Parish

The Floreat Wembley Parish of St Cecilia and Our Lady of Victories has embarked on the bold plan to invite 24:7 Youth Ministry to operate a weekly Sunday night youth group. This initiative, coinciding with the Year of Youth was launched in June, with qualified youth ministers Sebastian Vorster (19) and Angela Firth (19).

In the first month of operation 24:7 Floreat has achieved an average of 28 young people each night. This has been achieved through a strategy of engaging with young people in the parish and the surrounding schools.

The themes that have been covered so far have been the vision for youth group and an exploration of how Superheroes can display the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Together with a formula of fun, friendship, food and the sharing of faith is a hallmark of all 24:7 Youth Ministry groups in operation across Perth.

Weekly Sunday night at Floreat Wembley youth group (photo from Fr Kaz)

As the Year of Youth is about parish engagement with young people, local parishioners are also involved in the leadership team of this new youth group start-up with several young adult volunteers including parish councillor, Jesse Jacobs.

 “It’s been rewarding to see the friendships and relationships grow. I’d forgotten how much fun it was and how rewarding it is to see young people get more comfortable with each other.

I’ve been impressed with the youth ministers planning and organisation of activities, the structure of the nights with fellowship time, group activities, games to facilitate discussion and the creation of a safe environment that lets teenagers relax and everyone feels like they belong,” Jesse Jacobs said.

24:7 Youth Ministry now partners with 14 parishes and two Colleges in servicing professionally run youth groups around Perth.

“We are so grateful to Fr Kaz Stuglik and the Parish Council for the invitation to begin 24:7 Floreat. We ask everyone to continually pray for the young people of the Church, as one of their greatest needs is to feel like they belong and it is our hope that every one of the young people attending our youth groups feel this way. Through a sense of community we really believe that young people can heed the call to live for God, full on, full time, all the time, which is our vision. We have no doubt that this is truly possible at 24:7 Floreat,” said Mario Borg, Director of 24:7 Youth Ministry.

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Catholic Youth Ministry
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