St. John Bosco – Father and Teacher of Youth

Story of St. John Bosco Saint John Bosco, also known as Saint. Don Bosco, is famous for working with the youth. His feast day is 31st January. John Bosco was born on 16 August 1815 in a farmhouse near a small village east of Turin in northern Italy. His father died when he was only […]

St Simon Peter, God’s wayward leader

“Biblical Leadership St Simon Peter, God’s Wayward Leader” is an essay by Simon Yeak, Salvation History, 24th Feb 2018. Published with permission. Biblical Leadership St Simon Peter, God’s wayward leader This paper will explore the theme of ‘Biblical Leadership’ and in particular why God selects certain individuals to become His leaders. A running theme in […]

Five Saints for Times of Worry or Stress

Jesus Christ commands us to “not worry about tomorrow” but we all experience worry, stress and anxiety in everyday life and probably much more often than we would admit it. It can be related to exams, relationships, finances and many other things and it can also affect us spiritually. Sometimes it is the feeling that […]

St Agatha, Martyr

Although we have evidence that Agatha was venerated at least as far back as the sixth century, the only facts we have about her are that she was born in Sicily and died there a martyr. In the legend of her life, we are told that she belonged to a rich, important family. When she […]