CYM staff took a break from their desks this week, to go on a kayaking adventure. The afternoon on the water provided some quality team bonding time and plenty of laughs. Some came back dry others wet from head to toe, but everyone returned to shore with ear to ear grins.

In a team that works closely together, rapport, camaraderie and team work are really important. “At CYM we spend a lot of time focused on serving in our ministry,” explains Vincent, “it was really nice to able to spend the afternoon focusing on ourselves as a team and just enjoying each other’s company.”

Kayak partners had to work together, communicate well and trust each other’s ability to steer in the right direction. After a little steering into the edge and navigating some small (but terrifying) waves, the partnerships were working like clockwork. This camaraderie was then put to the test as the boats were rafted up and attempted to paddle as one big linked together boat. Some even managed to switch boats without capsizing!

It’s amazing what a few hours of adventure, team work and exercise can do. As Saint Pope John Paul puts it, “Sports contribute to the love of life, teaches sacrifice, respect and responsibility, leading to the full development of every human person.”

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