“I decided to pray the Rosary every day of Lent” #journeytoeaster

by Jermaine Beins (Saint Columba’s Youth Coordinator)

Friday, the 7th of March a group of youthful teens came together at St Thomas More Parish Hall, from around the Archdiocese of Perth to journey with Bateman ‘Stronger’ youth group towards Easter.

The two hour session was jam packed with yummy food, games, soccer, UNO and memes. But on the whole the atmosphere was powerful, youthful and continuous throughout the night.

One of Bateman’s youth Leader; Aura Maria gave the youth group a heart filled testimony on her personal experience of God. What I took from her testimony was that God always has time for each and every one of us because we are all equal; made in the image and likeness of God. Aura used quotes from the bible that helped me to understand how she was feeling. I have been moved by Aura’s talk to show more support and care towards my friends and family, because even though they are smiling, inside they may be hurting. I’m very proud of Aura for sharing her personal story.

Sheldon Burke was the guest speaker who talked about Lent. His talk taught and inspired me to see Lent as a time not just for sacrifices but more a time to restore your relationship with God. Consequently, I decided to pray the Rosary every day of Lent. By doing this I am sacrificing my own time, but on the other hand gaining personal time with God and restore my relationship with Him. Thank you to Sheldon for helping me realise the true meaning of Lent.

Throughout the course of the night, the MC Bonnie did a great job. She was lively and joyous and without fail encouraged all the youth to join in and participate.

The youth band organised by Bateman Parish played a massive impact on the start and end of the youth rally. Their music helped the youth to participate. Sheldon Burke said in his talk “Music is a great form of Prayer…..like praying twice”. Thank you to the band, sounded awesome!

The Catholic Youth Ministry Perth supported and partly organised this Stronger Teens Rally. So a big ‘thank you’ to Anita, Vincent and the team that helped make this event a success.

Finally, the response of over 30 youth for this event was pleasing to me, and I believe this Stronger Teen Rally was a real success. I really look forward to more youth rallies this year and the years to come in the Archdiocese of Perth.

God bless the Youth and their Families.

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