CYM Holy Hour Spring Speaker Series 2018

Title: The Mass: Exploring the Mystery

Are you wanting to take your faith more seriously but struggle to understand the significance of the Mass? Both those who don’t know anything about Mass and those who love it will get to learn more! Join our CYM Holy Hour spring series – 5-week session on the history, meaning and symbolism of the Source and Summit of our faith, The Mass.

Dates: Every Wednesdays from 3rd to 31st October.

Time: Mass is 5:30 pm, Holy Hour is 6:30 pm, Talk and Fellowship at 7:30 pm.

Featured speaker: Fr Mariusz Grzech, Chaplain at the University of Notre Dame and Fr Mark Baumgarten.

Venue: Catholic Pastoral Centre CPC 40A Mary St Highgatee

The first couple of weeks talks about the history and Church’s understanding of what the Mass is Fr Mariusz. The next couple of weeks is going through the parts of the Mass discussing the symbolism and significance.

Please bring $5 for donation

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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