Veritas Night 2019

VERITAS Night 2019

Event Details:

9th August 6-9:30 pm at John XXIII College Mt Claremont

What is Veritas?

Veritas is an annual gathering of Catholic young people in Western Australia aged 12-35. It exists as a statewide conference and festival, which aims to provide young people in Western Australia with an opportunity to deepen their faith and take an active role in the Church and community. The event spans across three days with festivities including live bands, dynamic speakers, youth rallies, faith expos, Liturgy and workshops.

How to Register

This year, Veritas is FREE FOR ALL and with no age limits or hidden cost. However, registration is essential as seats are limited.


2019 Theme: Christ is Alive

Our theme for Veritas in this Year of Youth from the post-synodal Apostolic exhortation “Christus Vivit” of the Holy Father Francis to young people and to the entire people of God.

1. Christ is alive!  He is our hope, and in a wonderful way he brings youth to our world.  The very first words, then, that I would like to say to every young Christian are these: Christ is alive and he wants you to be alive!

2. He is in you, he is with you and he never abandons you.  However far you may wander, he is always there, the Risen One.  He calls you and he waits for you to return to him and start over again.  When you feel you are growing old out of sorrow, resentment or fear, doubt or failure, he will always be there to restore your strength and your hope.

3. With great affection, I address this Apostolic Exhortation to all Christian young people.  It is meant to remind you of certain convictions born of our faith, and at the same time to encourage you to grow in holiness and in commitment to your personal vocation.  But since it is also part of a synodal process, I am also addressing this message to the entire People of God, pastors and faithful alike, since all of us are challenged and urged to reflect both on the young and for the young.  Consequently, I will speak to young people directly in some places, while in others I will propose some more general considerations for the Church’s discernment.

Read the rest of the document here:—post-synodal-exhortation-to-young-people-and-t.html


Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry is the official agency supporting and promoting youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Perth. Our aim is to assist young adults to build a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus and to help them find their place in the Church and the world.