Faith on the Sand

Sand Sculpture CYM Perth 2015

More than 50 youth from across Perth last week worked together to sculpt faith-minded images from sand in a competition hosted by Catholic Youth Ministry Perth.

The competition required participants to sculpt the faith-minded images from sand in 30 minutes within the two metre by two metre allocated space.

CYM Youth Office Vincent Haber said the competition, held at Scarborough Beach, was a chance for the youth to come together in a fun-filled atmosphere.

“The participants very much appreciated the opportunity to express the images of faith while also enjoying the atmosphere and friendship,” Mr Haber said.

Jamie O’Brien, Editor at the Archdiocese of Perth Communications and Media Office, who was one of the judges at the competition, said the sculptures were well crafted and unique.

“I could see that the participants made a really good effort to convey the images they had in mind and worked well together in teams,” Mr O’Brien said.

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