Feasting and Fasting with the Cooking Priest

Fr. Leo's talks at CYM Holy Hour

Have you ever considered how food links with faith? Fr Leo Patalinghug from USA has a ministry as a cooking priest focussing on teaching the faith through food. He visited CYM on Wednesday 19th April, to celebrate Mass, lead a Holy Hour & present a talk on ‘Feasting & Fasting’.

100 young adults attended the ‘Feasting and Fasting’ night. He spoke about how to live the ‘FEAST’ through our own ‘Fashion’ & creativity to share the faith, to Educate ourselves with good Catholic resources, to develop a sense of getting Active in our faith, being Sincere to the truth of who we are as Catholics and learning to Trust in the Lord.

His resources include a cook book ‘Grace before meals’ which combines scripture, dinner conversation starters and of course, recipes for various Church feast days in the year and his book ‘Epic Food Fight’ which teaches theology through food.

If you are a ‘foodie’ at heart… and who isn’t?? you will love encountering his ministry. His talks throughout Perth are list on www.evangelisationaustralia.com  and Fr Leo’s  ministry website is www.gracebeforemeals.com

Check out Fr Leo’s post below:

CYM Team with Fr Leo (Photo by Joey Alexander)



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