“I felt His presence moving through me.” – Jesus Youth Conference Testimony

By Denis Cyriac, Yr 10 Student, Jesus Youth Perth

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of October, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Jesus Youth Australia by conducting a conference for over 160 people.

This was the first time I was volunteering and as well as participating in such a major Jesus Youth event. By being a participant but also a volunteer in the Music Ministry, I was able to experience the conference in two different point of views. The highlight for me during the conference was the Adoration on Friday and Saturday. It was during those moments that I felt my heart being opened up to God. For the first time in my life I could feel God’s love and mercy flowing through me and it was so great that I started tearing up a little.

I let myself be opened up by the love of God and I felt His presence moving through me. From that day on ‘till now I have felt the love of God inside me. Usually whenever I take part in a retreat, at the end of it I say, “I want to change” ,but always end up forgetting everything about the retreat after a couple of days, but this time I took back with me the love and also the touch of God’s kindness and mercy. I now feel that God has a plan for me and I have this urge to move forward and not to fall back to my old self.

This is my experience; God is waiting to help you. You just need to believe and open up your heart and soul to Him and He will do great things for you and through you.

I would like to thank Fr.Bony Abraham Mgl, Dony Peter and Br. Colins Calmiano for coming to Perth and being our vital resource for the three days. And a massive congratulations to the whole Jesus Youth Perth Team for organising such a great event!


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