Giving a Testimony By Maddie

Giving a Testimony

By Maddie

Part of being a Catholic involves knowing how God has worked and IS working in your life. Asking God to reveal His blessings in your life isn’t a bad thing. We can get so caught up in the day-to-day running of our lives, that reflecting on how God is ALWAYS working in our lives can get put on the back burner. Sure, we can say and do all the right things, but it’s from truly appreciating the abundance of blessings that we have received that we can authentically practice our faith.

Preamble out of the way; let’s talk about how we can write a Testimony. When thinking of giving a testimony, it can sometimes be thought of as a “daunting task”- but it shouldn’t be. I know what you’re thinking, “but Maddie, I’m not a public speaker”. And to that I say- you don’t have to be!
The best Testimonies I have heard (and let me tell you I’ve heard A LOT #net) are the ones given authentically, from the heart. A beautiful saying, I absolutely LOVE is,

God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.

And let me tell you this… We are ALL called to share our testimony.

Maybe some of you are still resistant to the idea… That’s cool, no biggy. Maybe you’re saying, “But Maddie, my testimony is so mundane… there’s nothing ‘WOW’ about it.” And to that I say… Don’t belittle yourself. Each testimony is unique and tells YOUR story, there’s nothing mundane about that.

So, you’ve been asked to write and/or give a testimony. Before you say no, follow these tips and see how you go –

1. Pray.

Of course, we start with prayer! Asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance during this process helps a great deal and allows for the process of writing to be spiritual and not just a “task”. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the times in your life where you have felt the closest to God. This is known as an Encounter.

2. Brainstorm.

Grab a pen and paper and write down your Encounter (you can have many in your life, but choose the one you feel most connected to). When brainstorming around your encounter, include information like:
– How did you feel at that moment?
– Where were you?
– How old were you?
– How were you before and after the encounter?
– Who was there?

3. Start Writing.

Let the words flow! You should have all the information you need from your brainstorm. All you have to do now is free yourself from any distraction. That’s right, my friends- turn on Do Not Disturb and fully immerse yourself in the process. You’ve got this.

4. Let it Sit.

When you finish, give your testimony a read through and leave it overnight. This is very important.

5. Proofread.

When coming back the next day, read through your testimony again and add or edit out anything you don’t like. Then you can get a friend to read over it. Once approved…

6. Share.

Whether on Social Media, in person, or in front of a crowd; you’re ready to share your story. Your testimony is unique to you and people want to hear it! So go out and be Missionaries spreading the Good News.

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