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January 29, 2021
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February 26, 2021

Good Shepherd ALIVE – North of the River Update


Good Shepherd Parish, Lockridge

On Sunday the 21st of February, Good Shepherd ALIVE had their first youth group meeting in 2021! Fr Aloysius Leong promoted the youth group earlier during the 5 PM Mass which was packed with young families.

The parish has incredible and passionate Youth Coordinators – Keshia Rodriguez and Christy Sein, who welcomed parents and young people to the hall next door after Mass.

pre-pizza and discussion play time

While waiting for Sam, the Dominos driver, to arrive with the pizzas, Fr Paul Huynh joined us and together they continued playing a super fun game that involves banging tables, grabbing spoons, and passing cards – everybody’s favourite!

Once we had our dinner and finished discussing Star Wars and Avengers, they started planning their annual Passion play. Everybody was so excited to be allocated for their roles in this year’s play!

The Good Shepherd ALIVE is inviting everyone to visit their parish on the morning of Good Friday to watch the play!

If you are interested in joining the Good Shepherd ALIVE youth group or becoming a leader, please contact Keshia or Christy.

Good Shepherd ALIVE Youth Group Facebook Page: @alive.gsl

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