Veritas is back for 2017! Luke 1:49 “the Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name” is the theme for this year.

MC’s Georgia Vecchio and Clarence Goh with the Ignite band ensured the night was awesome!

Clarence is back as an MC showing off a magic trick. Photo from Iceberg Media

Olman Walley welcomed the Veritas participants to the Whadjuk country, followed by a welcome address by Bishop Don Sproxton on behalf of himself and Archbishop Timothy. Bishop Don emphasised the importance of events like Veritas to connect young people from all over the state.

Rommie Maserei the Executive Director of Admissions & Student Services at Notre Dame Fremantle drew a parallel between the use of the Drill Hall in the 1920’s to train young men and women to serve in the Navy and the use of the Drill Hall tonight to bring young men and women together who will then go out and make a difference.

Perth’s current Youth Mission Team performed a drama inviting the young people gathered to consider the temptations they face which distract them from the beauty of and goodness of God and the strength and patient persistence of God to draw us back to Him.

Bishop Don with fellow Verita Participants. Photo from Iceberg Media

Photo from Iceberg Media

The keynote speaker of tonight was Fr Rob Galea. Fr Rob’s enthusiasm and engaging nature brought the young people gathered to consider the might, wonder, strength and power of God. Fr Rob spoke deeply on God being greater than our weaknesses. This is seen through God’s desire to be in relationship with each and every one of us and can be achieved through speaking to Him like a friend.

Catherine Dunn a first time participant found Fr Rob’s reflection on God’s sacrifice for us and to offer up our biggest worry and difficulty to God in this moment, very powerful.

Interspersed with songs of praise and worship, Fr Rob concluded by reminding us all that no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done there is always room for you at the foot of the cross.

Written by Sarah Hicks, Edited by Catherine Dunn


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Catholic Youth Ministry
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