How can youth leaders grow closer to Jesus in 5 easy steps?

Youth leaders have a great responsibility to bring young people closer to Jesus. But before that, youth leaders need to know Jesus first. So here are 5 easy steps on how youth leaders can grow closer to Jesus! Written by Theodorus Hartanto. Tag fellow youth leaders who can benefit from these tips!

1. Desire friendship.

First, we must desire friendship with God. Intimate friendship with God is a choice, not an accident. You must intentionally seek it, but God will always take the first step.  Jesus will always seek a personal relationship with you.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I really want it – more than anything? What is it worth to me? Is it worth giving up other things? Is it worth the effort of developing the habits and skills required?

If at this moment for any reasons, you don’t desire to have a relationship with Jesus in your heart, that is fine. You can simply start with a simple prayer, “Jesus help me to desire you. Help me to learn more about you. If you truly seek a relationship with me, please show it to me. Amen”

2. Speak honestly.

Prayer is not only about kneeling down, going to Church, praying the rosary, reciting common prayers, such as Our Father or Hail Mary. Prayer is a conversation between you and God. It is a heart to heart.

Talk to Jesus and tell him everything, your joy, hurts, problems, desires, everything. Be honest with Him. When you tell Jesus how you genuinely feel, your relationship will flourish.

3. Really listen.

For us to grow in a personal relationship with any person, we must get to know them better. The same goes for Jesus. Through the Bible we God reveals His character and His will. If reading the Word of God is new to you, an excellent place to start is the Gospel. It is the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Friends share secrets, and God will share his secrets with you if you develop the habit of thinking about His Word throughout the day.

4. Journey together.

It is imperative for us to be surrounded by other Christians. Through fellowship with other like-minded people, we can share our experience with others who also love God and would like to grow closer to Him. God gives us each other so we can journey together and not alone.

5. Embrace the Sacraments.

Going to weekly Mass is not enough if you want to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus. Just like any other relationships in your life, you must spend time often to develop a mutual relationship.

As a Catholic, we are blessed to meet Jesus in the Sacraments. Go for daily Mass and regular confession. And when you seek for quiet time, go to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


Theo is a full-time youth ministry worker at CYM and is passionate about his faith, loves sports and hiking.

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