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July 1, 2017
Freedom is one of the most important gifts God gives to us
July 1, 2017

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly

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More than 13 workshops for young adults were on offer this afternoon at Veritas. Ranging from topics of mental health, miracles, relationships, philosophy, praise and worship and the historical validity of Jesus, young adults found the afternoon stimulating and enriching.

Daniel Lazaroo offered practical advice for coping with stress and maintaining mental health and wellbeing. Daniel spoke on the stigma associated with mental health and the definitions of mental health contributors such as stress, anxiety and depression to remove misconceptions. The necessity of boundaries and the equal importance of all areas of self-care were further discussed.

Veritas Young Adult Workshop participants cross the road under an umbrella with volunteer during heavy rain. Photo by Iceberg Media. www.icebergmedia.com.au

Our generous volunteers helping out participants cross the road during heavy rain with big smiles! Photo from Iceberg Media. www.icebergmedia.com.au

The question of ‘what am I meant to do with my life?’ was addressed by Fr Mark Baumgarten, who offered a practical approach to discernment. This approach begins by first falling in love with Jesus, secondly surrendering to His will and finally listening to God’s call. With examples from his own discernment journey, Fr Mark expressed the wisdom of God who reveals to us, when and how He knows we will be ready to respond.

Our personal relationships and how does Christ fit into this, were two subject areas that Symon Smyth-Kirk addressed in his workshop. A personal relationship with Christ features emotional bonds and interactions which sin can distance and distort. The effect of ‘feeling’ separate and far from God was discussed with an acknowledgement that God knows each one of us best and therefore calls us to act in the name of His love.

Praise and worship as an expression of love, adoration and thanksgiving through music was explored by Andrea Bernardino and Daryl Guido from Singles for Christ. The difference between ‘praise’ and ‘worship’ was discussed along with common misconceptions, as well as when and how to create successful praise and worship sessions. To round out this session the group gathered together to sing “Falling Deeply” by Hillsong United.

Daryl and Joey helping out at the Praise and Worship workshop lead by Andrea Bernardino from SFC. Photo from AJ Dee

Philosophy Cafe workshop with Tom from UNDA Campus Ministry. Photo from AJ Dee

Tom Gourlay, the Manager of Campus Ministry Notre Dame, Fremantle presented a thought provoking workshop on the spiritual power of habit. Beginning with an explanation of virtues and the power of habit to form the practice of love, Tom cited the Mass and the Liturgy of Hours as powers to help shape virtuous habits in the face of the culture and society in which we live and were raised.

A debate on arguments for and against attending Mass was held by Fr Stephan Goddard in one workshop this afternoon. After entertaining both positions Fr Stephan represented the paramount importance of the Mass. Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist, the Mass as a new Passover and the grace present in each Eucharistic celebration were discussed in depth. Equipped with ’10 Tips for Getting More out of Mass’ and a booklet of prayers for before and after Holy Communion, the participants of this workshop left greater knowledge of and fever for Mass.

Written by Sarah Hicks and edited by Catherine Dunn

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