We welcome the youth of the Archdiocese to come and celebrate Sister Marie-Chrissie’s First Profession with the Carmelite Community. Get to know Sr Marie-Chrissie below:

I was inspired to become a nun when I was eight…

I was born in Sabah, East Malaysia. I am the youngest of seven siblings with four sisters and two brothers above me. I was inspired to become a nun when I was eight and my mother used to read for me about the saints, and she also taught me to pray and love Jesus.

One day at home when I was twelve, I found some leaflets about the religious communities from my eldest sister’s drawer. This was after she got married and left home. Since I was so delighted and fascinated by them, and when I saw the address, I decided to write and ask to be admitted to the religious life at the age of twelve! I thought I was old enough to serve God like them.

When the reply came they were sweet enough to send me a lot of holy cards and bookmarks as well as a letter encouraging me to finish my school while they’re praying for me. I was so happy to know that they’re praying for me.

The Carmelite Community in Perth. Photos from www.carmelnedlands.com

I was in my teenage year that for the first time I visited the Carmelite Monastery and had the privilege to see the First Profession of a nun, and I was so attracted by it. In my heart, I was praying that one day I will give myself to God like her.

Not long after I graduated from school, it happened that I met some sisters from a semi-contemplative order who were making a new foundation in our diocese. Since I was so fervent to serve God, I decided to try their life. During my time with them, I had the opportunity to study Theology and Philosophy at the University in Indonesia for a few years.

Toward the end of the course of my study, I felt the call to the fully contemplative life of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns. So I went back to Malaysia to try and discern my vocation with a community there, and after much prayer and discernment, I eventually joined the Carmelite Community here in Perth. I have completed the first stages of my formation and the Community has accepted me for my First Profession of Vows.

written by Sister Marie-Chrissie of the Trinity OCD

Sr Marie-Chrissie at the Carmelite Monastery in Nedlands. Photos from Sr Deborah

Sister Marie-Chrissie dedicates herself to serve the Church and the world through a life of prayer she will be a praying presence in the heart of our church here in Perth.

Besides her times of prayer throughout the day Sister Marie-Chrissie shares in the work of making altar bread, cooking, caring for the library, spending time in the garden and with our dogs who are very much part of the Community.

Sister Marie-Chrissie’s First Profession at Carmelite Nedlands

The Carmelite Community is happy to celebrate Sister Marie-Chrissie’s First Profession in this special Year of Youth 2018.

Come and meet her and the rest of the Carmelites after the Profession Mass on Saturday 29th September 2018 10:00 am at the Carmelite Monastery 100 Adelma Road, Dalkeith. Followed by refreshments in the Monastery Grounds.


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