Ideas Have Consequences: The Australian Launch of ‘My Battle Against Hitler’

The Dawson Society for Philosophy and Culture invites you to join them for the Australian launch of My Battle Against Hitler —the newly published memoirs and anti-Nazi essays of the German philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand—a vital source of historical perspective and moral guidance as the world grapples with resurgent terrorism, anti-Semitism, and totalitarian threats.

Tuesday, 14 July

Rosie O’Grady’s
205 James St, Northbridge
Perth, Western 6000

The evening will feature a presentation by Christopher T. Haley, director of publications and marketing for the Hildebrand Project, the world’s leading organization dedicated to the presentation and exploration of the thought and witness of Dietrich von Hildebrand.  An original philosopher, ardent Christian, fierce foe of Nazism, and fervent champion of beauty, von Hildebrand defends the timeless truths of our Western patrimony while at the same time eagerly receiving and enriching the insights of modernity.
This event promises to be a special occasion and we hope to see you there.


Ideas have consequences