Ignite live

Get your crew together! Ignite Live is back for our next event Friday August 14!!

Southies rejoice, we’ll be bringing the fun, music, and good times to the Theatre at Seton College in Samson. You do not want to miss out:)

Main event starts at 7pm and runs to 9pm – but you know the drill; the lols start early and stay late.

If you have any burning questions feel free to ask them through our FACEBOOK  PAGE. We’d love to hear from you:)

Can’t wait to see your there!

Ignite Live: One-night Catholic Youth Event

We have a special announcement regarding the next Ignite Live night (August 14th)…

We are pleased to confirm that Bishop Don Sproxton will be joining us! He will be a part of light hearted Q&A segment and also leading everyone in a time of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

We are very excited to be planning such a unique night! We will be maintaining the cranked up music and humorous vibe that people love about the Ignite Live nights, particularly those who don’t normally connect with Church events. All of this will work up to the reverence and tradition associated with Adoration, a time when we know many people will experience Jesus in a powerful way. We hope you can be there to experience it yourself!

Who can you bring to be a part of this very contemporary and very sacramental night? 

Download Registration forms:

For full details and to watch the video go to igniteyouth.com/perth