Importance Of The Role Of Men And Women In Our Society Today

Young adults having lots of fun with their friends


Men, women and relationships were the main focus of the Thursday afternoon’s session of Embrace the Grace 2016.



The men of the group began their session with Mr Faure, the Bunbury youth co-ordinator and a Wing Chun Sifu master, who led them in a kick bag rush influenced by his martial arts.

Tired from the physical activity, the boys returned to the main hall where Mr Faure delivered his talk titled “Be A Man”.


A slide highlighted images of nine men who have devoted their lives to something greater than themselves. These men ranged from Michelangelo to Albert Einstein and Bruce Lee but cumulated with Jesus Christ as the central figure of manhood.

Mr Faure also used St Joseph as an example for his protection and care for Mary and Jesus.

“We know that he loved, served and protected his family. We know that he raised Jesus and we know that most of Jesus’ young life was spent with St Joseph, learning from him,” he told the male participants.


In the session with the female participants, Mrs Anna Krohn elaborated on infatuation, and how people can move past it so they can see the other person for who they really are.


“True love is not addictive, it is freely given,” she said. Mrs Krohn suggested spending time getting to know guys especially by doing things with them shoulder to shoulder.


The girls also reflected upon the lives of female saints such as Saint Therese of Calcutta, Saint Therese of Lisieux and Joan of Arc. Over delicious treats, the girls shared their experiences and questions about relationships and men in general.


Following the talks, participants gathered in groups to come up with questions and affirmations for the opposite gender. These ranged from who should pay for a first date to the challenges in friendships between men and women.


“I noticed that all of you managed to go out dressing so beautifully and so modestly at the same time and thank you very much for doing this over the course of the conference,” Jermaine Beins told the girls.

“We appreciate it when men show their faith openly and emotions; we find it really attractive when you show your vulnerability and we want say that crying is ok,” Eliza affirmed the men on behalf of the girls.


The session ended with a conversation on the purpose of dating.

“Marriage should be the ultimate goal when you enter a relationship.” Tom replied to the question “Do men think about marriage?”.

“Dating is not just about the moment. If you see a future with a woman, ask her out,” added Daniel Matthys


Of course the session was not the final word on dating and the genders and the conversation kept flowing well into dinner time.


By Michael Soh

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