Kolbe students come alive at Steve Angrisano Visit

Kolbe Catholic College was treated to a visit from musician and evangelist, Steve Angrisano, on the final day of his Australian tour.

Staff and students at Kolbe college really enjoyed the singers visit, saying in an article published on the schools website “It was amazing to witness Steve’s ability to energise and engage our students ranging from 12 to 17 years of age, singing some of our favourite songs and introducing new ones that teach about the powerful love Jesus has for us all.”

Over one hundred students gathered in the school gym for a lunchtime concert. Some students had been inspired through Steve’s ministry  at the ACYF (Australian Catholic Youth Festival), and jumped at the opportunity to bring their friends along to hear his message at their school; Others were intrigued by the fact that a musician would come all the way from the USA and play at Kolbe College and wandered in to see what it was all about.  Joyfully captivated in playful interaction, the young people sung danced and laughed along. Steve spoke about being holy in everyday life.

Continuing the theme with the year 9 year group after lunch, Steve told the story of a canoeing trip he ran with high school students, where he was inspired by the witness of high school students helping out a class mate.  The year nine students were challenged to be bold enough to stand up and reach out to others; to become holy through heart to heart interactions. Quoting Pope St Clement he said:  “The great things of God are not shouted from the rooftops, they are whispered heart to heart”. 

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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