Letters from Dom: A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

Not too long ago, it was the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption; this is a recount of how Mary, on that day, interceded directly in my life.

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you’re so busy, by the end of the week you feel like you’ve run a marathon? I was having one of those weeks, but it was only Wednesday and I had already sprinted two marathons (Monday and Tuesday). I had to complete four weeks worth of work, in one week; it was due by Friday and I was about 20% done by Wednesday morning. Needless to say, I was stressed to the max and really starting to freak out.

By midday, I decided to take a break and go for mass at a chapel near by (being a Holy day of obligation). The mass was packed and after Communion I couldn’t return to my spot where I was standing at the back, so just stood where I could find space and prayed. As I said my Hail Mary’s, I expressed my stressful situation to Mary. I was immediately met with an image in my mind. This was an image of the most comforting experience I could imagine – me lying in my Mother’s lap and her stroking my hair gently (What?! I’m not a big baby, you are!).

I couldn’t believe it, but I was overcome by a sense of calm. I am certain this was Mary telling me that it’s okay, and things will work out. Now that I reflect on it, the place where I was standing (after Communion) which is on the opposite side of my usual spot was almost in the foyer and actually in front of a statue of Mary too (I’m only realising this detail now, that I am trying to replay these events in my mind to write this article). Believe it or not, it’s the truth.

I returned back to work and as any good Mother would, Mary didn’t stop there, to help her child. Within an hour or two, my boss approaches me and tells me we have an extension on the work, we have an extra three weeks. The amount of relief that overcame me was insane. I couldn’t thank Mary and Our Lord enough for this mercy.

It was a Wednesday and I recently started going for Holy Hour prayers on Wednesday nights after work. But this Wednesday I knew I had a tight deadline and was most likely not going to make it. Thanks to Mary’s intercession I could now make it. I went also to say thank you, profusely. As I knelt down in silent reflection, in front of The King and all his Glory I began to sob with relief, as I knew the burden that had just been lifted from my shoulders, the anxiety and stress I had been spared – Ask and ye shall receive ;).

Soon after, another thought hit me like a left hook from prime time Tyson in ’86. Not only did Mary remove the burden of a crazy deadline, but she also opened the door for me to visit her – I could only see what I wanted, but she what wanted was for me to visit her. I thought of my mother, and how she might feel the same way when I eventually move out of the family home (which is not too far away from happening). I’m very close to my mother and safe to say, it was very hard to hold back the waterworks (Okay, maybe I’m the big baby).

Salve Regina.

I really wouldn’t be able to finish this article if I didn’t reference a movie, in this case, Sister Act, for a great rendition of ‘Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above’.

Yours Sincerely,

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Harvey Fernandes
Harvey Fernandes
Dominic is a young Catholic working as a Digital consultant by day and a heart-felt blogger by night. Dominic loves Jesus (obviously), pop culture, hip-hop, staying fit and mentoring young adults. His writing comes from personal experiences and most importantly, from God who unveils wisdom, hope and inspiration in his writings. Dominic encourages his readers to be closer to God and to honour His blessings.