Life Matters – Vol 1

Young women need more real choices when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. “LifeMatters Volume One” is a new global DVD initiative from Choicez Media that seeks to empower young women with the skills, information and self-belief to negotiate an unplanned pregnancy with more options than abortion alone.

It is about young women being given the full picture about their options and empowered with the courage to build a magnificent life beyond the narrow belief that unplanned pregnancy is the end of their plans and hopes in life thus far.

LifeMatters helps young women realise that an unplanned pregnancy, while not what they may have planned for their life, does not have to be the end of their life project. It empowers them with the knowledge that there are extensive support systems available to them, allowing them to experience both motherhood and personal and professional success.

  • Part 1: Music Video
  • Part 2: Understanding unplanned pregnancy – A Way Forward
  • Part 3: The Bernadette Black Story
  • Part 4: Interview

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Catholic Youth Ministry
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