We had the most amazing weekend last October at Teen’s Camp in Bickley Recreation Camp. A few participants share their camp experience below.

“Heading to CYM’s Teen Youth Camp, I really didn’t know what I was expecting or what I was going to get out of the experience. Trust me when I say that this camp was life-changing. Not only because of the amazing friendships made, the fun outdoor activities or the great food but because of the self-realisation that life is life. We have our ups and downs but at the end, God will always guide us on the right path. It was through the depth of the conversations and the words of the many amazing guest speakers that really reignited the passion of my faith in God that had slowly become buried under the stress of exams, future careers and life in general and has encouraged me to take more time out of the busyness of life to self-reflect and pray to God for direction in my life.” – Fioline Oetomo, Yr 10



“The 2016 edition of Teens Camp was an amazing experience for me. The camp helped me understand my faith even more, meet new friends and get closer to the people that came from my parish youth group. The testimonies and talks given by the leaders and priests were truly inspirational and helped to find my passion for religion once more. Getting to know new people helped me understand better how others feel when in a different environment. With the people from my own parish, we made more memories that we can cherish for a long time. The activities set up were all enjoyable and the motives of teamwork were great since it greatly increased our interpersonal skills. During the adoration night, I was able to find out answers to conflicts that I had within myself. The venue was great since we got to escape the city environment and experience a calm mountain and natural setting which for me was very peaceful to be at. I truly believe that Stronger Teens Youth Camp was a splendid experience to help me grow as a person.” – Saeyeon Hwang, yr 10

“The CYM Teens Youth Camp was one of the best things I had done in my life. It had a major effect on me and ever since then I feel I’ve grown closer to God in my everyday life. I enjoyed every single thing about the camp, be it the food or even the activities but I really think the best thing about the camp was the religious talks and what I got from it. Something I truly took away from this camp was that “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure”. I went to this camp to make new friends, have fun and to grow my relationship with Christ and I did just that. Aside from that, all the youth leaders were welcoming and supportive and all the activities were extremely fun. It was an adventure experience I won’t forget.”- Stefan Marques, Yr 7

Watch our Teens Camp 2016 Extended Edition video below:

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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