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June 4, 2019
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June 27, 2019

Living The Faith: Christian

Living The Faith: Christian

From a young age, I couldn’t fully appreciate the faith. And so, I naturally drifted away from the church into a more secular way of life that resulted in me seeking fulfilment in all the wrong places.

Even though, I grew up in a Catholic household where we prayed often and regularly attended mass, I never understood the significance of it, and so, I became indifferent to it all.

It wasn’t until I witnessed the faith of a friend who had recently encountered Jesus, that I began rethinking my ideas on life and religion. I was inspired by my friend’s courage and determination, to turn his life around. And so, I began my own journey of discovery to find my faith.

Over time, I was able to develop my faith as I grew in relationship with God. The sacraments came “alive”, and I have been able to be more dependent on God rather than myself. Looking back at the changes, it was night and day.

The power of a strong witness cannot be underestimated. I hope to be the best witness of my faith that I can be. So that maybe one day, I can encourage someone, the same way I was.

– Christian Jaswan

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