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July 9, 2020
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Living the Faith featuring Eloise

Living the Faith Eloise

Living the Faith – Eloise

Living the Faith Series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

My name is Eloise Davis and I am 16. I am the Liturgy captain for Santa Maria College, and I am finishing my last year of school.

Before AYCF, I was living a life in which I never really understood the world. With my hearing loss, for many years I was learning about how to live purely from the people around me. I was brought up in a Catholic household, going to church every Sunday- something I rather enjoyed.

I still wonder about God..

However, I never knew exactly why I was going. Through the years I developed an understanding, however, going to church at that time was the equivalent of brushing my teeth… I had to.

Even though the few years prior to ACYF I had developed a strong belief in God, it wasn’t until ACYF that I realised more what being Catholic means, and how the values are shown deeply in society.

Even now, in this current time, I still wonder about God. But as someone once told me, God intends for us to wonder about the existence of a greater being, because that is when we’re being religious.

There is a chance to change the world when you believe…

Now that I have experienced the three days of ACYF, I know that being Catholic, it isn’t hard. All you have to do is let your heart and soul open, and the rest is trust. In this world of mayhem that we have always seen, and heightened in the past events, I now believe there is a chance to change the world when you believe in something.

Changes include the slave labour used in so many products and clothing, the unfair judicial system alive in Australia, forced marriages and the ignorance and lack of justice to the First Nations of Australia, and so much more. During ACYF I also gained the realisation that there are so many other young Australians who are wanting to make a difference in the world.

My faith, I believe, will guide me to help change the world

My faith, I believe, will guide me to help change the world. To give hope of peace, to help cure those sick, to show the people the light of what humans can be. I formed this belief from the teachings of Jesus, that every single person is equal no matter who.

I want to show and teach people about my faith through my actions and not force my views and beliefs upon them, instead, I want to show a way to fill the spot in our hearts.

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