Featuring our newest series – Living the Faith. This series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

“ACYF was almost like the lighthouse in our storm”

WOAHH man, where do I even begin? I signed up for ACYF without any expectations – I just wanted to try out something new and de-stress myself from all of our exams.

ACYF was just something incredibly spectacular; from the insanely good worship, to the smaller sessions with the guest speakers. Everything was confronting yet so … real. The themes did not only revolve around learning about God, but it was also about creating a genuine atmosphere for youth to truly experience what it felt like to center their lives around God. It was like the things we always heard and learnt about at school but now, we were given an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship; to be able to bond with God on a personal level.

Contemporary issues were addressed, questions about faith were brought up, criticisms and opinions were also brought to the table, yet, everyone left with a sense of fulfilment because they received answers and directions to their human-heart questions. For young people who are growing up in a world with so many different voices and temptations ACYF was almost like the lighthouse in our storm.

I can honestly say that coming to ACYF was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I got to see another deeper side of my friends apart from their beautiful smiles, I got to make friends with people who share the same faith as me – I got to see the Archbishop on a bicycle! ACYF allowed me to truly experience my faith. Most importantly, I learnt how to truly have a relationship with God and appreciate all that He has given me.

– Anh Le, Year 11 Student, Aranmore Catholic College


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Catholic Youth Ministry
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