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August 5, 2020
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August 10, 2020

Living the Faith featuring Ira

Living the Faith Series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

Living the Faith featuring Ira

Hi my name is Ira, I’m a 15-year-old student at Servite College. Coming to Australia from the Philippines seven years ago, I have been raised in a loving Catholic family. I love everything to do with music, and always serve in my Parish through Music Ministry.

At first, it was a bit unnerving

I first heard about ACYF last year during our Youth Ministry Retreat at school. At first, I was hesitant to attend because the opening day was on my birthday and I was unsure of what to expect. Before ACYF I never really had a chance to express my faith outside of my church community, and I had never attended such a large scale event before.

Being surrounded by people sharing our faith

When ACYF finally began, at first, it was a bit unnerving, but I remember saying to myself that morning, “enjoy the experience while you can, because you are only going to experience this once.”

ACYF helped me realise where I truly belong; with the Youth of our Church. From the talks, Plenary Sessions, Adoration and the final Mass, being surrounded by people sharing our faith, hope and love for Jesus was an amazing experience for me. ACYF helped me feel closer to my friends, and spending three amazing days with people I would never have had the chance to talk to before made me feel like I found my place.

Now I am so much more confident in my faith

Before ACYF I thought my faith in Jesus was strong. After having experienced something so profoundly moving, I know within me that the experiences I had, with so many kind strangers and the most inspiring people, have changed me so much.

Now I am so much more confident in my faith, I make a conscious effort to remember there are so many people out there who share the same hope and love for Jesus. To this day, whenever I feel alone or when I feel unsure, I look back on the good memories and remember that I am never alone.

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