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June 5, 2020
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June 9, 2020

Living the Faith featuring Long

Living the Faith Series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

Every day would pass with me not feeling any meaning

Hello everyone. My name is Long Phi Ta and I am 18 years old from the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in Perth. At the end of 2019, I attended my second ACYF hosted in Perth with the first one I attended being ACYF Sydney in 2017.

Before I went to ACYF 2019 in Perth, my life was relatively unhappy. Every day would pass with me not feeling any meaning. With how I went in year 12, I was disappointed with myself and since then I was unhappy, frustrated and disappointed in myself. I would always look down on myself.

Every day I would scold myself for my mistakes; constantly dwelling on them and not looking past them. Constantly keeping negativity trapped within, while having a facade of happiness on my face. Whenever I attended mass or adoration I would find peace within myself but, when I would leave, my negativity always came back.

Many people accepted you for who you are

At ACYF I was changed by how many people accepted you for who you are, and not just for what you are capable of. I also learnt more about valuing myself, remembering that God created me and I am important to Him. Going through ACYF I was able to find my original inner peace from Reconciliation and Adoration.

After ACYF, I saw that I was genuinely always in a good mood; appreciating everything and continue being positive. My view on life changed and my mental health has improved from ACYF. Going to Mass or Adoration, I would always be reassured that I am not alone and that I should be happy for everything that I have, and for who I am, and continue my happiness and inner peace out in the open world.

With my faith journey, I can still see myself growing closer to God. I still, however, need to talk to God more and not just pray to Him. I also see myself growing closer to God; strengthening my faith to become a true follower of Christ.



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