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May 8, 2020
How ACYF Revolutionised the Younger Generation’s Perspective on Catholicism
May 21, 2020

Living the Faith featuring Veronica

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Living the Faith Series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

I didn’t think there were a lot of openly Catholic youth.

Hey, my name is Veronica, I’m seventeen and I’ve just graduated. As a hobby, I like to draw digitally and traditionally, occasionally I dance freestyle with my brother, or I’m found eating.

My life before was like any other teenager; I didn’t think there were a lot of openly Catholic youth. I guess my perspective on religious statistics has changed.

Attending ACYF allowed me to see that the world really was a small place, much smaller than I thought. Seeing so many teenagers gather in one place under the fact that we believe in Christ was just so amazing to see. The experience was like no other, ACYF truly was, and is, made to call separated brothers and sisters and make them feel less alone. Teenagers are usually hesitant to admit that they believe in a god, belief in Christ, or even have no affiliation. The idea of gathering people who feel lost, maybe confused and isolated, and coming together due to religion encourages many others, who possibly did not attend, to come and join the next event. I was never hesitant to tell people I believed in Christ, I only showed them through my actions or told them when they asked.

Those various talks in ACYF really helped me discover many ideas I had never thought about. I found myself taking notes in some of those talks and questioning what was said. I also admired those brave enough to raise questions as well as the presenters themselves. It’s an opportunity to relax, gather, preach, talk, question and listen.

In terms of my faith journey, I see myself being more open to attending religious talks and being confident in asking questions. It’s definitely safe to admit that not all talks are fun or enjoyable, but even those talks help listeners to think and serve as inspiration. Even if the listener themselves pick up on only one sentence, the purpose of the talk is fulfilled.

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