Featuring our newest series – Living the Faith. This series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

Living the Faith featuring Marikit

My name is Marikit Morales and I went to ACYF 2019 with Mater Christi Parish in Yangebup. I grew up in a Catholic family, with 10 children and faithful parents in a Catholic Community (Couples for Christ Global). In my childhood, God was always someone I knew. God was someone I prayed to. He was Jesus Christ, He was the Holy Spirit, He was God the Father. However, when I grew up, it became hard to fit in being Catholic because it is considered “weird” and not needed in this world. In school, I don’t say that I’m Catholic and that I believe God exists because I’m scared of what people will think of me.

Many of my peers, including myself, care a lot about what other people think of us. We grew up using social media daily and post photos of ourselves with the caption “God, thank you for making me beautiful. Thank you for this day you have given me. Thank you 🙏❤️.” But before we hit the share button, we stop and think, “What if this is not good enough? Am I beautiful enough?”

Then we start to feel insecure. We would re-take the photo multiple times to get the best shot, editing it with filters until we look like we just had plastic surgery; like a mask covering the real beauty that God gave us. Then, we delete the caption thanking God and change it to “Felt cute.”

I thought this is perfect, but not anymore…

ACYF was a fantastic experience. I went to many workshops and learnt how you don’t have to be afraid of being Catholic because with whatever happens, good or bad, God always has a plan for us. I met so many people and listened to their incredible stories of being a young Catholic. It was a joy knowing that there were around six thousand Australian Youths that came to ACYF, who were alive in their faith and love for Jesus.

A few months after ACYF, I still talk to the people I met there. I’m continuing my journey with Christ alongside them. Since I’m only fifteen years old, I still have a lot learn. My goal right now is to learn more about God and to share what he has taught me. I pray that the Youth around the world today can have the courage to say that they’re proud to be Catholic, that they will journey with God and realise that they are important and needed in the eyes of God.

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