Living the Faith Series Dimmi

Featuring our newest series – Living the Faith. This series is a collection of stories of faith from the youth of the Archdiocese of Perth.

Living the Faith Series featuring Dimmi

“One of the mysteries of the Catholic faith for me has always been the strength of God’s love. On the one hand it is the unconditional nature of His love that feels beyond human reach and as such, beyond human comprehension. On the other, aware of my own imperfections, His love feels undeserved.

There is a moment in my life however that I always look back to when I start doubting the strength of God’s love. I was in my final year of High School and I had decided to go on a youth retreat ran by the church community I was involved with at the time. Whilst I had been doing well in my studies and maintained my extracurricular activities I had grown distant to my parents. I had come to struggle to communicate openly with them and found my studies and being a ‘teenager’ as common excuses for my lack of communication. At one point in the retreat, one of the retreat leaders started reading out letters addressed to random participants of the camp from people who had volunteered to write. To my surprise I found myself listening to a letter addressed to me.

I couldn’t remember verbatim what was in that letter, but I’ll never forget the overwhelming sensation of love that I felt. In essence my parents had said “We love you and accept you as you are. We’ll take this journey together starting from wherever you are now. We’ll be there for you”. It was the closest I ever felt to what I imagine God’s love to be: unconditional and accepting of the fact that I was undeserving. When I begin to lose faith in the strength of God’s love I look to my parents and the love they have given their son, and yet somehow God’s love is greater.”

– Dimmi

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