Living the Faith: Zach

Faith is having complete and total trust in God. It is not something innate in humans, but it is a choice and can be developed over time. I was born and raised in a practising Catholic family. Going to church weekly and receiving the Sacraments was standard practice in my household. In high school, I was confronted with the challenges of puberty and I naturally drifted away from God. Attending Mass felt like a means to relieve the demanding pressures of high school.

Despite all of this, I never understood what it meant to be “faithful” to God until early 2018. I was more or less on the fence with the theory, but never really practised it.

My original plan for myself had always been one of conformity – if you work hard, you will succeed, with no strings attached. Through various experiences, this plan changed to, “if you work SMART, you will succeed, with no strings attached”. Both of these attitudes were viable on the condition that I was healthy, however, throughout my life, my health has been somewhat unreliable and over the last two years, it deteriorated drastically with multiple brain surgeries and recurring hospital visits.

Statistics and modern medicine show most surgeries can be successful with little to no implications but there is always a slight risk that something might go wrong, and in all those moments as the surgeons placed the bag valve mask over my face, I was always overcome with fear. Through the tediousness of recovery, inability to conform to my original plan and not being able to do the things I loved doing on my own, I’ve learnt to identify the important things in life and I realised that God had a different plan for me.

After initially trying to fight the truth, I eventually surrendered to God and my perspective on life shifted to one of hope. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by a network of people who have always shown their love and support, and through my health, God has given me countless blessings.

Life is a gift from God and every new day is a new gift. It is human nature to get caught up with the business of our lives but I’ve learnt that it is imperative to keep God at the forefront of your mind. People have expectations of themselves to achieve things in their own time, but with God, time doesn’t exist. By being faithful to God, eventually blessings will come in abundance, but in his time.

  • Zach, 2019
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