Living the Resurrection – Chaplain’s Corner

'Post-Easter reflection and tips'

As we get to this part of the year when Easter Sunday gets further and further away, it can become for us like a bygone feast. Sunday after Sunday can feel a little routine.

As Christians however, the greatest event for us is the power of Christ over death on that Easter Sunday all those years ago. That power can still be a reality in our lives. That is so important. As Christians the reason of our identity in Christ is tied to the Resurrection of Christ from the dead.

As St Paul says “if Christ has not risen then our faith is in vain” (1Cor 15:14).
So how do we live the Resurrection in our lives, how can we make it real for us today?

Well, firstly Jesus has to be real for us.

God became man to be with us. He took the first step.
But the initiative of God is handed to us to continue practicing in our lives.
That’s what we do in practicing our faith.

But if we’re still trying to grapple with that then there are some things we can do in our lives, some daily practices that help us reach that awareness of Christ’s Resurrection for us.

Here are some practical ways:

  • Read up on the Resurrection stories in the Gospels.
    Take in the different accounts of the Gospel which stimulate our minds and helps us meet the Risen Lord in our hearts.
  • Go outside!
    Yes, literally outside. Why? Well, in one account, Mary Magdalene met the Lord in a garden and, in this time of autumn there are some beautiful mornings. So, go to a park before dawn and go for a walk and immerse yourself in the early morning, see the sunrise, immerse yourself in that light. In doing so it allows for your mind to be present in the real moment but also to think about what it was like for Peter and John and the early disciples to experience the Resurrection in that early morning.
  • Ponder the crucified Lord.
    If you have a crucifix at home, or when you visit your local Catholic Church, gaze at the Lord there – because we can’t have the Resurrection unless we have the crucifixion. That was the ultimate extend of the Lord’s love for us all. 
  • Talk to a friend!
    Share your thoughts, your new insights, your faith about the Resurrection – what it means for you, how it affects your life, what it changes about life. Get excited about the Resurrection! If we get excited about that then we get excited about our faith.

This is the God who has overcome all our fears, all our struggles, even over the power of death in our lives. That is our God. May this Easter season be a source of peace and joy and security in your life! God bless you all.

Fr Joseph Laundy,
CYM Chaplain

Catholic Youth Ministry

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