Love and Responsibility – Perth

On the 31st of March, Notre Dame University opened the Malloy Courtyard decorated in candles and beautiful lighting for the first of the ‘Love and Responsibility’ series in Perth. Co-hosted by Notre Dame University, CYM Perth and the Respect Life Office, the ‘Love and Responsibility’ program has been welcoming over 80 participants each week to the evening sessions.

The L&R Series is designed to provide a forum for young people to discuss topics such as attraction, types of love, friendship, building trust and intimacy. The program is designed to help young people explore the deeper meaning of relationships rather than subscribe to what the media and magazines sells will ‘help’ find ‘true love’.

The small group and larger group discussions have been quite dynamic and fruitful dialogue in understanding how men and women view relationships differently. The program is open to all young people, not just students at Notre Dame University. The hospitality of welcome food and drinks has also been a great start to the night.

Four sessions have been held in semester one, and two more will be held on Monday 5th & 12th May. Session 2 will commence in second semester and young people are welcome to join the program at anytime.

To sign up to the program you can register on or turn up on a Monday night 6:30pm to the Malloy Courtyard area (or the indoor venue next door depending on weather). Follow the updates also on

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Catholic Youth Ministry
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