Music Workshop with Steve Angrisano

By Trevor Fernando

The music workshop on Sunday was a fun and informative meeting led by famed Catholic singer/songwriter Steve Angrisano. Starting off by leading the audience though one of his songs, Steve was able to demonstrate his techniques and ideas, supported by inspiring and often humorous anecdotes from his own experience. He explained concepts that made sense, in a way that was straight-forward and easy to understand.

Steve explained that, contrary to what tends to be found in the music ministries of most parishes, when creating musical arrangements & harmonies it is actually better to widen the pitch differences of musical instrumentation, while creating close harmonies for vocalists. He also explained an idea he referred to as “passing the baton”. Using the running of a relay as an analogy, he explained how to work with the liturgy by tailoring the music to suit and being sensitive to the dynamics of the liturgy. Towards the end of the workshop, Steve explained more technical concepts, such as how to appropriately and effectively embellish one’s playing to actively engage the congregation into active participation.

Steve was warm, friendly and approachable, staying back to answer questions from the audience and to sign autographs. Many music ministries in the Archdiocese have been greatly inspired by Steve’s visit, many thanks to Steve Angrisano and CYM for organising this event.

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