NatCon – an experience of a lifetime!

Photo Above. Students from across Australia gathered in Perth for NatCon.

During the summer holidays, 36 dedicated students gathered in Perth for a student run, biennial National Conference (NatCon). Young Christian Students (YCS) is an international social justice and faith formation movement run for, by and amongst secondary school students, encouraging them to connect more with their faith, while empowering them to take action and make change in their lives and the world around them.

Dressed for the formal night in the theme “Sailing the DioSEAS.”

From January 12th to January 18th 2018, a selection of these young people from across the country met to represent their individual diocese at Eagles Nest, Gidgegannup. This conference, run by the student National Executive Team, had a large focus on re-visioning the movement to ensure self-sustainability for the future. As a large student body with powerful representation, we identified and planned changes to make our movement more engaging for a larger variety of youth.

Friendships between all were formed.

Not only did we discuss the movement, but we also made lifelong friendships while gaining knowledge about the realities of young people across the country. Over only seven days, we strengthened existing relationships, formed new ones, laughed, learnt, danced and sang together and supported one another. It was an opportunity to reflect, challenge ourselves to action and deepen our faith using the See, Judge, Act method that we call the Review of Life.

“NatCon was the experience of a lifetime. I made so many friendships and I’m so grateful for the time I spent in Perth reforming YCS.” Iona Bates, Y11.

“NatCon was an amazing experience that really showed me how I could be a leader in my own way. It helped me to see how I could make a difference in the world. I made so many long lasting friendships and I am forever grateful for the life skills I learnt.” Caitlin Griffiths, Y11.

Written by Tyana Orlando, Y10, Ursula Frayne Catholic College 


Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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